Market demand for AS West Kredit services is best described by numbers.

Market demand for AS West Kredit services is best described by numbers.

Being leader of your industry is a great responsibility. It is not enough to introduce high standards, you must implement them in real life. Competing is not important for us, to be able to offer the best to our customers is!

Sergejs Malikovs

Chairman of the Board


Market demand for AS West Kredit services and its stable positions are best described by numbers.

In August 2016, AS West Kredit issued a credit that allowed the company to celebrate new peaks of their activities.

Since 2000, when crediting became the company’s specialization, AS West Kredit has issued credits, total amount of which can be measured in hundreds million euro.


Main criteria of the company’s development are related to following consumers’ demand, regular market researches and close cooperation with public institutions.


AS West Kredit is a full-service crediting company. Each customer is important, therefore, during 20 years we have worked a lot at servicing policy, service quality and improvement. Executing credit with us, company will take care about all actions with public institutions instead of the customer. Credit receipt process is maximally adapted to customers’ convenience. Before conclusion of the contract, all documents can be submitted electronically, all questions can be answered by calling free phone 80000 330 or using online chat at our website.