Special offer for small and medium-sized enterprises

Special offer for small and medium-sized enterprises:


Loan advantages:
  • You will pay nothing for the first 3 months;
  • You will receive property valuation report free of charge;
  • A loan term will be up to 20 years.

A loan for small and medium-sized enterprises is an alternative to bank credits. It is a reasonable solution in the situations, when you need to get money in a fast and simple manner in order to increase your current assets or implement other urgent goals. We offer simplified and convenient procedures for examination of a loan application and for receiving of a loan, which unlike banking requirements are more favourable for small businesses. Meeting your enterprise’s needs, we will offer short-term or medium-term financing. Loans will be available for any purposes. We will examine also loan applications from the enterprises experiencing financial difficulties and/or with negative credit history. Analysing your situation, we guarantee individual approach in each case – we will agree on the vision how to solve and improve your situation. We will do our best to help you with funds. We are for your business growth!

The main conditions of the loan
  • Examination of a loan application is free of charge.
  • Interest rate - depending on the level of financial stability of the enterprise and the riskiness of the project.
  • An additional condition is the activity of the enterprise for at least 1 year.

We consider loan applications also from the companies experiencing financial difficulties. In assessing loan requests, we pay attention to the fact why the company has faced such unfavorable situation and what is done to resolve it and avoid in the future.
We also examine loan applications from the companies with a negative credit history. We ask for explanations in respect of each debt. The applicant will have to explain the reason for the current debt, i.e. repaid debts will not entail problems, if the company can demonstrate a positive growth of its business.

We guarantee:
  •  A quick decision-making process
  •  A prompt issue of documents
  •  Individual approach
  •  Flexible terms for obtaining a new loan, extension of due dates
  • Possibility to repay your loan ahead of schedule

We do not consider loan applications from companies doing business in the following spheres: gambling and launching a gambling business, trade and distribution of weapons, non-profit or religious organizations.

Before applying for a loan, please carefully assess your abilities to repay it, so as not to worsen your current financial situation.

at the Meeting of the Board of Directors on January 27, 2017

Valid from February 01, 2017


Formalization of a loan:

Free of charge


Granting of a loan:

Processing of a new loan application

2,5 % of the amount, min. 150.00 EUR

Loan control

30.00 EUR

Transfer of a loan to the customer’s account

0.5% of the Loan amount


Formalization of amendments:

Granting of an additional amount of the loan

2,0 % of the amount, min. 50.00 EUR

Loan granting services in the case of extension of due date or change of other conditions (amendments to repayment schedule, change of collateral, etc.)

50.00 EUR

Loan repayment ahead of schedule

Free of charge


Other charges:

Registration of pledge (if registered by West Kredit representative)

50.00 EUR

Statement of outstanding loan obligations and payment procedures

1 time a year free of charge, each subsequent – 35.00 EUR

Document copies from archives

1.40 EUR per page


2,0 % of the amount, min. EUR 200

Preparing, processing of non-standard documents

starting from EUR 100

Warning letter for failure to fulfill obligations

15.00 EUR for each letter




This pricelist is of informative nature. Before concluding a deal, make sure that the pricelist is not changed!

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